Farmer Testimonials

John Coggan 120ft flat fold wing Meandarra, QLD

Kris Trevilyan (MFS) 160ft end tow and other features

“Machine well constructed for rugged conditions. Gives even sowing depth, and good trash handling ability.”

Ran Mitchell
‘Leyland Pastoral Co’. Goondiwindi.

“One of the things important to us is that the manufacturer will talk to the customer.”

Simon Gill.
‘Waterloo Partners’. Naramine.

“The machinery has proven itself year in, year out to get over saturated melon hole country and to deep sow for moisture as the case this year. The Multiplanters ability to follow the soil surface over melon holes makes it a highly versatile machine.”

David Graham.
‘Retreat Pastoral Co’. Moonie.

“Strong and simple and a good all round performance.”

Mike & Bev Smith
Gurley NSW

“The unit was purchased because of its robust construction and ability to handle stubble in zero till situations. The tyne design and spear tip points have performed well and are able to handle fairly hard and rough conditions with very little maintenance. Any service or parts required for this unit has been easily accessed through Multi Farming Systems. I’m very satisfied with this machine and the results from it.”

Joe Johnstone.
‘Can-berra’ Banana.

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