We design and build cost effective, durable farm machinery that requires minimal maintenance

Multi Farming Systems is a wholly Australian owned manufacturing company, operating from ‘Honey B Ranch’ Banana, in Central Queensland, Australia. Multi Farming Systems specialises in developing global farming solutions that are reliable, cost effective and sustainable.

Multi Farming Systems is open for business!  In early 2019 the Trevilyan family decided to get out of farming to concentrate on farm machinery manufacturing.  The 660ha farm block is being sold, and the 80ha home block “Honey B Ranch”, including the factory, is being retained.  It is business as usual.

At Multi Farming Systems, we are not in the business of spare parts. We make cost effective, durable machines with minimal maintenance. Our philosophy is that if it is built right the first time, the farmer can enjoy a trouble free life, and there is no need for us to spend time and money on costly breakdowns or repairs.

Multi Farming Systems is the home of the:

  • Multiplanter, known affectionately to some as the “Banana Planter”, providing zero or no till, minimum till, direct drill and no till air drill solutions for controlled traffic and GPS autosteer,
  • Pin Wheel Stickrake, also known as a “Root” or “Rock Rake”,
  • Multiworker Renovator, deep ripping sub soiler,
  • Mulitworker Cultivator, chisel plough, cultivate or add seed tubes and plant,
  • Cotton Stalkpuller, pull cotton roots and all from the ground.

Building better machinery for farmers all over the world since 1982.
** Also trading as Banana Farming Company.