Renovator / Sub Soiler

The Multiworker Renovator has a heavy duty frame to handle the much tougher conditions it operates in. Whether it be virgin scrub just cleared, existing pasture grass renovation or rehilling of cotton beds.

To appreciate the innovative features of this simple piece of engineering excellence, we need to look at what has been the norm, the tyne offered by most machinery manufacturers. The Spring Tyne!






Conventional Spring Tyne


The spring tyne assembly is at its weakest in the working position and gets stronger as it compresses. The opposite to what is required in an agricultural situation.

When the spring tyne hits an obstacle, it works harder and transfers all that torsional load back into the frame, and then rebounds back with incredible force, taking all that shock load into the frame again!

Now contrast that to the Hydraulic Tyne!

Multiworker Renovator Hydraulic Tyne


It’s at its strongest in the working position. When the tyne breaks from the working position because of an obstacle, the pressure actually reduces. This quite obviously relieves the build-up of torsional stress in the tyne and the frame.

Damage to the tyne and frame is avoided on rebound with the in-built hydraulic shock absorber. Oil can only return to the ram slowly because of the restraining nature of the oil passing through a small hose.

Fit renovator tynes to the front row to rip, side bust or centre bust, while mouldboards fitted to the rear row of tynes create or shape the beds, leaving the field hilled up and ready for the next process.

The renovator tyne can be fitted with ripper tips or the unique MFS mould-boards.

Renovator tips shatter any hard pans below the surface, with a minimum of soil inversion.


Mouldboards and Ripper tips

The renovator tyne can be fitted with ripper tips or the unique Multi Farming Systems mouldboards with delta tips.

The wear on a mouldboard is usually on the bottom digging section.

With conventional systems once wear appears the whole mouldboard has to be reconditioned.

With the MFS mouldboard you simply recondition the ripper tip by discarding the worn delta wing and replacing it, and the mouldboard is retained.

Another simple but impressive feature of the Multi Farming Systems approach to tillage equipment.


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