Stickrake / Rock and Root Rake

One of the very first machines made by Multi Farming Systems was the Pin Wheel Stickrake, or Root Rake which can also be used very effectively as a Rock Rake.

It’s the first wave assault machine of the family, and what a machine it is!

From the smaller 8 wheel unit right up to a massive 23 wheel monster, these rakes are gobbling up massive tracts of previously useless acres and turning them into productive paddocks!

But regardless of size, they are all very lean on power requirements.

Even an eighteen wheeler, which weighs in around 13 tonnes can easily be pulled by a 150 horsepower tractor at around 8 km per hour when raking sticks. On blade ploughed ground more power would be needed, even up to 400hp.  Roll rocks between football and car tyre size to clear fields for low harvesting requirements.

The secret is the deep open gaps between the fingers which allow dirt to flow through whilst still effectively passing the trash from wheel to wheel and into a neat tidy row out the end.

And it can handle undulating conditions as well. The frame is hinged every fifth wheel so that it can hug the ground with no bridging.

The rear wheels are steered hydraulically to place the machine right where it will work most effectively in relation to the tractor and the previous row.

A flame thrower can be fitted to the rear of the machine to facilitate a one pass stick rake and burn operation if desired.

So if you’re looking to turn sticks into stubble in no time at all, this is the machine for you! If you’re looking to rake up rocks into tidy wind rows, this is also the machine for you!

Stickrake / Rock & Root Rake Approx.
Width (m)
Width (ft)
6 Wheel 3.7 – 4m 12′ – 13′ 4.4 9,700 3
8 Wheel 5 – 5.5m 16′ – 18′ 6 13,200 3
13 Wheel 8 – 8.8m 26′ – 29′ 9.6 21,120 5
18 Wheel 11.5-13m 38′ – 43′ 12 26,400 7
23 Wheel 14-16.2m 46′ – 53′ 17 37,400 9


18 Wheel Trevilyan Rock Rake
18 Wheel Rake