The Multiplaner Tyne:

This is the tyne that has revolutionised seed placement.

It’s unique in every way, starting with the long, sweeping “C” curve tyne profile – trash just rises up and rolls right off! The long rear lead enables maximum penetration with the minimum of pressure applied.

The tyne is tried and proven, with a 50mm (2″) diameter hydraulic ram pressurised from fluid held within the frame of the machine.

MPTyne2This clever system holds the tyne firmly in the ground and does not allow it to slop around, therefore wear and tear in the linkages is almost eliminated.  Seed placement accuracy is the ultimate over the longest of machine life.

The tynes are wedge fitted for ease of alteration to row spacings, with spreader bolts preventing wedges from jumping out.

With its “shift on the go” pressure adjustment on the press wheel, uniform seed depth control, minimised soil disturbance, and superb trash handling ability. Multiplanter farmers are absolutely spoiled!

NEW!  Multi Farming Systems has partnered with Precision Seeding Solutions to fit their precision seed placement boxes to the rear of our Multiplanter tyne assemblies.  Talk to us about fitting them to new or existing machines.

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