Multiplanter Sweep

Now take a look at the innovative sweep developed by Multi Farming Systems, suited to fitting on all Multiworker and Multiplanter Tyne Assemblies.

Most conventional sweeps do not retain their original manufactured width as they wear.

Usually manufactured from inferior metal they often have a very wide mid profile making them hard to pull. This leads to added stress on the frame causing further replacement costs and down time. This sweep width is a problem few designers have addressed until now.

The stronger Multi Farming System sweeps are made from quality spring steel so that they retain their profile.

See how this middle profile is much narrower making the sweep a whole lot easier to pull, and because the entry angle of the sweep is very flat it minimise soil disturbance.

In fact Multiplanter farmers claim the Multi Farming System sweeps retain their width, and in many cases lasts 4-5 times longer than conventional sweeps.

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