The best broad acre no till planter
for all conditions

Plant more ground across varying soil types and undulating country.

We’re still using the same tractor to pull it with but we’re 10ft wider and probably 3 inches deeper than where we were before.

Ian Wise

You can’t afford a bad crop

It’s an unfortunate truth that conditions are rarely ideal in this country. And that can be rough.

Our Multiplanter gets the most out of the land and conditions you’ve got

Put the seed where
you need it to be

Machines can have both precision depth AND seed placement so you can put seeds in the moisture down to 200mm (8”) deep.

Plant faster with
a smaller tractor

Go as wide as you want to get more in the ground when the time is right.

The Coggan Partnership set the world record with their 36m (120ft) Multiplanter, sowing 905.48 hectares in 24 hours.

Robust and simple
with low maintenance

Rest assured knowing that these machines were designed to last with minimal maintenance you can do yourself.

No worries if you have a problem with it.  If it was our fault, we will fix it for free.  If it was your fault, we will still fix it (or give advice on how it needs to be fixed), but you will need to pay for it.

Better on the back pocket

Save on fuel and labour with an efficient machine.  Replace three machines with a Multiplanter – your row crop and no till planters and cultivator (fit sweeps or chisel points).

Crop establishment is fantastic – quick to get out of the ground. The press wheels do the job just fine. Soil-to-seed contact is fantastic, in fact, I think some of our crop this year was out of the ground in three days and that is unbelievable.

Ian Walker

A planter that works and is simple to use

Built by farmers for farmers

As a result of his reputation as an innovator, broad acre farmer David Trevilyan was approached by farmers to make a machine that would plant seeds at equal depths across changing soil types, in all conditions and over undulating country. This was out of necessity: in 1984 it was not possible to find simple, durable, cost-effective machinery that would do this. Instead of changing farming practices to suit the machinery that existed, David developed machinery that adapted to the land and what farmers wanted to do.

We have been manufacturing farm machinery since 1982, and work closely with customers to constantly integrate feedback into new designs. We make robust machinery that does its job, is simple to use and requires minimal maintenance.

We’ve built the Multiplanter so you’ll be able to plant into all conditions, ranging from conventionally farmed soils, minimum till, full trash cover situations – even in virgin soils that have never been touched by machinery.

We’ve been able to save dramatically in our fuel costs back to around 2/3 of a litre to the acre. We’ve saved in our labour costs back to around 13 cents an acre.

Jason Gobbert

How to get one


1. Call us

To discuss what you’re planting and how you want to do that, as well as what your future programme is.

2. We’ll put together a custom design for you

A Multiplanter tailored to your country, your conditions, and your needs.


3. Plant a bumper crop

Get your next crop in the ground in record time, with minimal fuss and without breaking the bank.

See one of our largest Multiplanters in action

Need to know more?

Designing your Multiplanter

We want to make you one planter that works across changing soil types, in all conditions and over undulating country.

The design we recommend varies depending on what your requirements are in the following ways:

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