Rear Steering

  • Can I fit GPS auto steer to my Multiplanter?
    Yes, this will give you much better control over undulating country, and is a must for inter row cultivating if you aren't on linkage. We can provide the steering rams and hydraulics to make it work, you will need to purchase your own GPS system to fit to it, and will need to ensure it talks to the GPS system in your tractor. You don't want the two fighting each other!
  • I want to be able to steer my Multiplanter while end towing. Can I do this?
    Yes. Steering rams can be fitted to the rear centre wheel assemblies for end tow steering, and can be operated from the cab. We recommend this for larger Multiplanters, as it gives greater control when travelling down roads at speed, getting across narrow bridges and turning sharp corners. If you have GPS autosteer to rear steer your Multiplanter in the working position, we will use the same rams, although in most cases you will need to swap one ram from the back to the front.

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