Press Wheel

  • How do I know which press wheel to choose?
    All our press wheels are 18" (460mm) diameter semi pneumatic Manutec press wheels. The large diameter means a longer life because there are fewer revolutions, and it helps to keep them turning in tough going. We recommend 55mm (2") flat for normal operations, 80mm (3") wedge for soft sandy loam country, and in extremely soft country you may need 100mm (4") flat press wheels to keep them up out of the trench. Some customers use semi pneumatic for and put solid press wheels behind the tractor tyres because those tines bring up more lumps. For very deep moisture seeking when the ground is dry and lumpy on the top, some customers use solid rubbers across the entire Multiplanter. e_presswheel
  • Will the press wheel smear the trench?
    We have large 18" (460mm) diameter press wheels which seem to keep turning better than smaller diameter press wheels. As long as you're not planting too wet you shouldn't have too many problems.
  • How to you keep the mud from building up on the press wheels?
    The person who discovers a universal solution to that problem deserves to become a millionaire! We have recently redesigned our press wheel arm to remove the crossbar in front of the press wheel because customers were telling us it was causing a mud built up problem in very sticky wet conditions. We were concerned that by removing the bar there was no opportunity for the mud to be scrapped off when conditions were wet, but not too sticky. We have found that the mud can still build up on the press wheel, but with semi-pneumatics there seems to be a point where it self cleans. However, this is not the case in all situations. We have developed a press wheel mudscraper which can be retrofitted to the press wheel axle and adjusted to suit. Do we have the entire answer? No. Some people love it and it works well for them, others don't have success. In particular, when there is a lot of trash on the ground, it can stick together with the sticky soil and jam up the mudscraper. We have said to MANY of our customers - if you can come up with a solution we will make a full set for you for free and will make them for our future customers. Anybody want to take up the challenge?

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