• What Multiplanter frame options do I have?
    We can make linkage Multiplanters and trailing Multiplanters with an A frame pull or pull pole with chains depending on requirements. We have single or double folding wing and end tow models. Just about any configuration can be accommodated. Let us know what you want to do with your Multiplanter and we'll design it with you to suit.
  • I have low overhead powerlines and lots of narrow bridges to cross. I want to travel at speed along the road with a decent sized Multiplanter. Can I do this?
    We can make a folding wing or end tow Multiplanter to suit your requirements if a single frame is going to be too wide. The most popular folding wing sizes are 12m (40ft) single fold or 18m (60ft) single/double fold Multiplanters. The biggest end tow Multiplanter to date is 65m (212ft). Talk to us, we can work out what would best suit your operations if you give us the height and width parameters.

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