Get your land more productive, faster
with a tow-behind stickrake

Clears sticks, roots, and rocks from new land in no time

(Also great for clearing cultivation)

Your equipment is too valuable
to harvest a crop in uncleared land

Prepare your ground for better yields without the hassle or ongoing expense of stick picking labour.

Make the right trade off.

Clear more land in one pass

With the biggest working width on the market, you can clear more land, faster. It’ll gobble up roots, sticks, and rocks (from baseball size up to land cruiser tyre size) from previously useless acres and turn them into productive paddocks.

Better on the back pocket

Save on labour costs to make your land more productive… with a strong resale market when you’re done.

Manoeuvring made easy

Pin wheels have hydraulic lift to raise them from the ground on the run so you can move about with ease.

We know you just want machinery that works, is simple to use and won’t break the bank

Built by farmers for farmers

After years of clearing his land by hand (well – his four kids did the clearing, he drove the truck), David Trevilyan knew there had to be a better way. He sold the first Stickrake in 1983, and the company has been improving its design based on feedback from customers ever since.

✅ More than 150,000ha cleared

✅ More than 300,000 stick picking hours saved

How to get one


1. Call us

To discuss the land you’re clearing and what you’d like to do.


2. Choose your size

Based on your requirements and available horsepower, you’ll be able to choose which size suits your budget and operations.


3. Clear your land

Make more land productive, sooner.

Simple to use

Minimal maintenance and easy-to-find spare parts

See the Stickrake in action

Available sizes

8 wheel

5 – 5.5m (16 – 18’) wide

13 wheel

8 – 8.8m (26 – 29’) wide

18 wheel

11.5 – 13m (38 – 43’) wide

Design variations are available on request

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