Multiworker Hydraulic Cultivator

Available in:

    • linkage
    • folding wing
    • end tow

The incredible Multiworker Hydraulic Cultivator offers an ideal combination for you!

Featuring the same frame as the Multiplanter, the Multiworker Hydraulic Cultivator can be delivered in either:

      • 4 beam 10 inch row spacing
      • standard 3 beam 13 and 1/3 spacing

Either way though each option has a very useful under frame clearance of 2’9 inches or 84 cm. The edge on tyne assemblies are double wedged onto the frame allowing for easy alteration of row spacing. The tyne shanks also have seven holes, adjustable up or down in the tyne holders. Shorten them for harder ground conditions, even profile the tynes across the machine to suit raised beds in row crop applications.

If you need to lower the draft in heavy primary tillage situations, simply reduce the hydraulic pressure and pin the outside tynes in the fully up position. The shanks can be fitted with a variety of ground engaging tools from a 2-inch moisture seeking spear tip, right through to a 15-inch sweep.


Multiplanter Sweep

Now take a look at the innovative sweep developed by Multi Farming Systems, suited to fitting on all Multiworker and Multiplanter Tyne Assemblies.

Most conventional sweeps do not retain their original manufactured width as they wear.

Usually manufactured from inferior metal they often have a very wide mid profile making them hard to pull. This leads to added stress on the frame causing further replacement costs and down time. This sweep width is a problem few designers have addressed until now.

The stronger Multi Farming System sweeps are made from quality spring steel so that they retain their profile.

See how this middle profile is much narrower making the sweep a whole lot easier to pull, and because the entry angle of the sweep is very flat it minimise soil disturbance.

In fact Multiplanter farmers claim the Multi Farming System sweeps retain their width, and in many cases lasts 4-5 times longer than conventional sweeps.