Cotton Stalkpuller

Imagine being able to grasp the cotton plant and bodily pull it from the soil, roots and all, and leave the whole plant lying on top of the ground.

With the war against Rhizatonia disease favouring the exposure of cotton roots to the sun for two weeks prior to incorporation, this is the machine that has sustainable cotton production written all over it.

That’s exactly what the Cotton Stalkpuller is designed to do. Pull up 8 rows in 1 pass at speeds of up to 22 km/hr and leave them lying on top of the ground.

Small pneumatic tyres are mounted on an angle of 45 degrees in pressurised pairs. Each pair of wheels is hydraulically driven by a 3 section gear pump. The pump being direct coupled to the PTO and supplied with oil from the 50-gallon reservoir.

Oil cooling is achieved by the provision of a thermostatically controlled, high flow oil cooler mounted on the end of the main frame, out where the air is cleanest.

Truck tyres are fitted to the frame as depth wheels and are easily height adjustable for differing field conditions.

Maintenance has been kept to a minimum, just so you can spend more time in the field getting the job done.

This is a machine that is just a little different. It’s a machine built by practical men, men with a vested interest in the cotton game, and who know just how costly, how inconvenient and how incredibly frustrating it is to spend good money and get something less than what you paid for.

Above all else it’s a realistically priced machine that is built into all the common sense ideas, design, strength, and ease of maintenance that have come to be associated with the Multi Farming System equipment.

8 Row Cotton Stalkpuller
8 Row Cotton Stalkpuller