Cotton Mulcher

If you’re looking for a machine that quickly and economically recycles the cotton bush back into the soil as valuable organic matter, then look no further. This is it!

The Cotton Mulcher!

It’s the second wave in the battle against Rhizatonia as well. After the plant has been pulled and left exposed to the sun for a couple of weeks the Rhizatonia are history, and the mulch goes back into the soil to add valuable organic matter.

This innovative machine can be quickly adjusted to any soil type, and any bed shape. The pickup shaft is designed to have a spinning profile to match the bed profile.

Available in 4 and 8 row models, it’s capable of mulching at speeds of up to 12 km/hr or above in ideal conditions.

The pickup spider feeds the cotton bush uniformly to mulching section. The mulching section, consisting of rotating sharpened blades, simply pulverise the bush through a grate of fix blades, and the result is a fine even trash that is easily managed in future tillage operations.

So simple and yet so effective.

Only the highest quality components are used to deliver the longest of life. All rotating blades are made from tempered spring steel. Fixed blades are attached with mild steel bolts designed to shear in the event of an obstruction entering the machine.

Ross hydraulic motors are used because they don’t use a case drain, and therefore less troublesome plumbing. For ultimate flexibility the motors can be variably speed adjusted to suit field conditions.

Existing 4 row machines can be economically and easily converted to 8 row machines and a transport trailer allows the machines to be transported legally by road.

Through clever design and good old fashioned common sense Multi Farming Systems have been able to develop a machine that does exactly what it has been designed to do – Mulch cotton bushes, quickly, effectively and economically.

The Cotton Mulcher is quite simply, the most mulcher for your money.

Cotton Mulcher
Cotton Mulcher